Azaleas that Bloomed After the Deep Freeze by Carl Teegerstrom

Azaleas that Bloomed After the Deep Freeze

The Azaleas bloomed after the deep freeze,
when the Gardenias shriveled yellow, brown and dry.
The Azaleas bloomed after Mom died,
but Dad couldn’t make them while she was alive.

The three Azalea bushes bloomed dozens of pink blossoms,
and though some flowers tumbled
to the mulch in the cool, evening breeze,
there were yet more buds ready to spring
all in spite of the deep freeze.

The massive Gardenia bushes bloomed dozens of bone-white flowers,
that smelled sweet in the sweltering summer
and even bloomed a snowy bud in the midst of winter,
was trimmed to twigs and left barren
after the deep freeze.

Mom never saw her favorite flowers die
while she was alive,
though she never saw the Azaleas bloom
because she died.
Mom did see many Azaleas uprooted after cold snaps
while she was alive,
so what irony then that a bee now lands on an Azalea flower,
a sight Dad worked so hard for Mom to see,
after she died, after the deep freeze.