Fuck It All

by Ben Crawford

Bomb the shithole countries,

Fine by me, I would sign off,

Remember Philly, maybe the Alleghenies

My ancestors patented the Caddo Cough,

Blame the British for money and soot.

So with mustard and nukes, don’t pussyf

We pay to watch commies fight,

Try our best at destabilizing bravado.

I see no reason, the human blight,

Cannot agree on inclusion in the afterglow.

Maybe the cunts toe the line,

So Livy the cockroach won’t opine.

We should vote on pressing the button,

I want to scream, “No,” “Peace,”

Before being shown my skeleton,

Melting onto canvas as isotopic cerise.

Imagine those on eleven second delay,

As they sniff the purified human purée.

Clouds stretch the world over thick,

Above the virus playing realpolitick.

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