Thicker Blood

by Ben Crawford

Marty etched on the underside,

Lifted, exalted, and cheered.

Friends drinking the thicker liquid

In steins

Hung above bartops grimy

Acid dripping

From the cirrhosis compacting

Yesterday’s intake.

The brotherhood that exits neon

Arrives pale-shaded

Wives’ gloom storm the fortress

Filed fingernails

A head smacking on the bathroom floor

Sirens slur.

Cars parked straightly ordering after-work-time

Sipping stifles

Conversations of subjective reports

Police and financial

Cars parked coiled after-beer-time

Mumbles muffled

Candice in black and blue doppler shifts

In time, rhythm to melody,

With the blinkers blinding bystanders,


Needing bloated organs

Awaiting thicker blood.

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